Artist Needed

This seems to be the biggest challenge facing an aspiring comic book writer – locating an artist to illustrate your work who is available, and whose style suits both your tastes and writing/genre. There seems to be a few avenues I’ve located so far (Digital Webbing and PencilJack mainly) where artist and writers can hook up. But a lot of these artists ask for payment before they’ll agree to be part of the creative process. For a new creator like myself, this seems a fairly risky. Basically, I’d be paying for something that, in all likelihood, won’t be published. For me, at the place I am in my writing career, is simply too much give for not enough return.

What, or who, I’d like to meet would be an aspiring artist for was willing to have a look at my material and see what they can make out of it. This way, we both get the practice we need to hopefully go to be published. But the difficulties in finding that one person would be similar to the proverbial needle in a haystack. I’m sure they are out there, it’s just a matter of finding them.


The Writing Process

I’ve been very productive with my writing this fortnight. A submission for 2000AD has been finish and needs only a quick review before sending it off. I’m pretty excited as it will be my first submission of any type of writing. I know it’s not to the quality of ‘War and Peace’, and I really wouldn’t mind it being rejected. It is, after all, my first submission, and I imagine first submissions would rarely see print. Even a simple reply stating ‘this is not really for us, but keep writing and submitting, we’d like to see more’ would absolutely blow my socks off.

Has anyone submitted to 2000AD? Any advice on how to make a submission stand out?

One thing I did learn this fortnight is that, if I sit at the computer with a blank document in front of me, I’ll rarely get anything done. But, give me a pen and paper, and stuff seems to happen. So far, I have hand written a four issue mini series synopsis, as well as the first six pages of issue one. Very happy with what I have done, but even happier with the discovery of a method of writing that actually keeps me writing!