Old works long forgotten

I was picking through some of my older writings when I came across two fan-fics I wrote.

A little bit of context – I am a massive fan of the Transformers comics and cartoons. I have loved them since I was a kid. I had (and still have) heaps of the toys. I remember getting off the school bus and racing home on foot, knowing the show started at 3:30pm and the bus dropped me off at 3:28pm. I play, wrote and dreamed all things transformers.

I loved the initial Marvel Transformers comic run, particularly the Simon Furman run on the UK version. The space opera style of story telling really resonated with my developing mind, opening it to stories and possibilities that I had never even dreamed of.

Anyway, IDW Comics relaunched the comic book series again, and again Simon Furman was at the reins. But now, a little thing called the internet was well and truly established, and a thriving internet community which shared my love for all things Transformers had come together. On the IDW message boards, some of the forumites had put together a fan created idea called ‘Transformers: Mosaic.’ From memory, it was set up and run by Josh van Reyk and another poster who went by the name of ‘Beachcomber’. They put in a hell of a lot of work, and put together a great series of stories. A lot can still be viewed here:


So, here are the two I had created. Many thanks to the artists, Sylvain Langlois (can’t link the Deviant Art page as it appears to have been deleted) for ‘How Much Longer’ and Mike Ackeman for ‘It’s a Dirty Job’. I love the artwork on both and think the style really fits the tone of the story.

How Much Longer