Ghostbusters (2016)


No spoilers:

Wow. I went in with more hope than expectations and was totally blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Story line, characters, sfx, comedy – it was all there and it was all good. So many quotable quotes, so many enjoyable scenes. And Chris Hemsworth – he was worth the price of admission alone.

Ghostbuster (2016) respects what came before it, but it isn’t beholden to it. It is its own entity, and this certainly allows the movie to breathe and expression itself while still remaining loyal to the core concept.

Admittedly, it’s not ‘Citizen Kane.’ It’s not the original Ghostbusters either. But it is head and shoulders above Ghostbusters 2 (not that that’s too hard). There are some points in the movie where I was left thinking ‘that seemed a little disjointed’ or ‘where did they find time to do that?’ But, more often than not, I was left laughing a joke, giggling a subtle or over the top sight gag, or sniggering at a skillfully worked reference/homage to the original.

Would I pay to see it again at the cinema? Absolutely. Would I let my seven year old see it – probably not. There are quite a few scary scenes at the beginning which left me concerned for the young children who were in the cinema. A few nightmares may be coming their way over the next few nights!

Overall, I rate this a solid 7/10. Recommended for those who are in the mood for some good, silly fun!



Movie Review: Riddick (2013)

Movie Review: RIDDICK (2013)

Director: David Twohy
Starring: Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Karl Urban

Riddick, the sequel to ‘The Chronicles of Riddick; (2004) and ‘Pitch Black’ (2000), is an absolute mess of a movie. I was initially going to write an absolutely scathing review, but then softened a little. I though to myself ‘Surely this movie had some redeeming feature that you can write something positive about.’ Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

The blurb on the back of the DVD case mentioned something about Riddick being the ‘most hunted man in the universe’, being stranded on a hostile planet, and being forced to call in the mercenaries who are hunting him to rescue him from some type of native monster. This couldn’t be more misleading.

The movie opens with Riddick trapped under some rubble. He escapes, but appears to have a compound fracture in his lower leg. Never one to let a minor injury like this slow him down, Riddick fights off a random monster (yes, kicking was included). He then swaps his leg guard around, screws in some screws, presumably into the bones themselves, and the leg never bothers him again. He then fights off another random monster, adopts of puppy (true story), then fights off a large, two legged water scorpion thing, which, apparently had him trapped and wouldn’t let him use the set of stairs to freedom.

The ‘story’ goes on from there – Riddick spends a lot of time sqautting in light that reflects off his crazy eyes to the best effect for the camera. A lot of time. An awful lot of time. I might be remembering incorrectly, but I recall his eyes are ultra sensitive to light, but he chooses to not wear his special glasses most of the time, despite the fact he is on a sun burned planet.

Anyway, he finds a mercenary/bounty hunter base, sees a storm coming, decides he needs backup and calls the mercenaries. Riddick then disappears from the screen for about 30 minutes while we meet the mercenaries. They are a thoroughly unlikeable lot. You pretty much don’t care when they die.

Riddick decides he needs to make friends with these guys to escape the storm, so, logically, he kills a few of them, presumably to show how much he cares. Well,the ploy works, and the mercenaries and Riddick team up to fight the storm, or some shit like that. Turns out, the two legged scorpion thing from earlier in the movie had some friends who were mighty pissed Riddick killed off their buddy. And, it just so happens, they like the rain. So they attack, kill some people, Riddick and the dad of some bloke from Pitch Black have to go and retrieve some power cells Riddick stole when he was trying to make friends, blah, blah, blah, then end. Oh, and I think the lesbian chick, who went to a lot of effort to tell everyone she likes girls, is turned straight at the end by Riddick’s intense staring. Hmm, I guess that would do it…

Oh, how could I forget? I mentioned Karl Urban was in this film, didn’t I? I like Karl. He was great in Dredd. He was better in Star Trek. In this film? His total screen time was, about 45 seconds. Total. No more. He is in some scene at the beginning telling Riddick he wants Riddick’s crown of ’emperor of the universe’ or some such crap. Then, that’s it. No more do we see him. It’s a story line that starts, then goes absolutely nowhere.

Acting – average at best. Bautista shows glimpses of the charisma he will show in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The rest, no much. Vin Diesel attempts to break the world record for ‘how not to do a menacing stare as many times as possible.’

The effects were not great – particularly the speeder bike scenes. Moving at high speed should have show effect on your hair. The monsters are pretty crap ‘homages’ to the xenomorph from Alien. The dog looked so fake it wasn’t funny.

If this movie had been played intentionally as a ‘B’ grade horror/scifi romp, perhaps, just perhaps, it may have worked. As it stands, it is pretty awful. One of the worst I have seen this year. And, to put that in perspective, I have seen Sharkando…

RATING: 3 out of 10 – and only because there were three naked hot chicks at the start of the movie (yeah, being shallow was the only way I could find a redeeming feature). The only plus to this movie is that I hired it and can feel good that I returned it on time!

Movie Review: DREDD

Movie Review:


Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey

Pete Travis

Judge Dredd (Urban) is commanded to evaluate newly commissioned trainee Judge Anderson (Thirlby). Their first mission takes them into a high rise complex called ‘Peach Trees’, run by the ruthless drug deal ‘Ma Ma’ (Headey). They arrest a member of Ma Ma’s crew, but Ma Ma locks the building down and orders the residents to kill the judges. Mayhem ensues.

I went into this movie hoping against hope for an all out, balls to the wall action monster of a film. I what I got wasn’t far from it. The plot, as outlined above, pits Dredd and his rookie trainee judge against a fearsome drug cartel lead by the unhinged Ma Ma. When Dredd makes an arrest of one of her top ’employees’, Ma Ma sees trouble. Fearing what secrets the employee may give up during interrogation, Ma Ma locks the building down and orders the residents to kill the judges. This sets up an orgy of death and destruction.

Dredd is a character I am vaguely familiar with. He is violent, obsessive and without pity. He also scowls. A lot. Like, all the time. It’s a trade mark of the character, and Urban does a good job maintaining it throughout the film. I tried it myself, but after a little while, the muscles around my mouth ached terribly. So, props to Urban for keeping the scowl up so well.

The effects were good, but not great. Blood splatter from gunshot wounds was obviously CGI. I don’t mind this a whole lot, but it is obviously fake and did, at times, draw my out of the story. A person bugbear of mine is when the lighting used on the effect is clearly different from the lighting in the room that the characters are filming in, and this occurred a number of times during the movie.

The body count was huge. This movie is not a relative, or even close associate, of the Stallone lead Judge Dredd film from the 90’s. Bodies are blown apart, set on fire, skinned, splattered and exploded with incredible regularity. I couldn’t guess the number of deaths that are portrayed on the screen, but it must have been at least 100. It really took me back to the action movies of the 80’s, when human life on screen meant little.

Headey isn’t given a lot to do in this film, but she does it with menace and insanity. Her character is believably played, even if she does come to a rather predictable end.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It delivered what I expected – violence, death, destruction. It didn’t try and do too much, it didn’t try and expand the Dredd character, give him a love interest or a sad backstory. He simply is what he is – the law given violent form.

Rating: 7/10 – I would happily watch this again and hope to see Urban back as Dredd in the future.