I have finished the synopsis for the Monsters! story I have been working on. The original plan for for a single issue of 22 pages, but that has changed. It will now consist of three issues of 22 pages each. The storyline evolved in a way I didn’t foresee, with some twists and turns that weren’t originally anticipated. So, the single issue story is now a mini.

Not sure if the Kickstarter campaign is the best option at the moment. My writing time is extremely limited. I have another important project I am working on with a very talented artist, and I really need to spend some time working on it. As such, I don’t think I could devote enough of my time to promoting a kickstarter campaign to the extent required.

The other option is to directly submit the completed synopsis and issue one to a company like Dark Horse. That way, if accepted (which, in reality, would be a very, very small chance) it could be properly edited, and a professional artist I wouldn’t need to pay could be found. But, from my understanding, Dark Horse would be very unlikely to take on an unheard of writer for a miniseries.

Hmm, decisions.