Comic book companies accepting writer submissions

Updated: 6th March 2016

Below is the start of a list I have been putting together of comic book companies that accept writing submissions. I know I spend a lot of time going through websites to try and work out who accepts writing submissions and who doesn’t, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that does.

So, for ease of reference, I will list all the ones I know of here with a link to the submission page. If you know of any others, please leave a message in the comments and I will add it to the list. The same applies if you are putting together an anthology and wish to have it listed here.

Dark Horse Comics:

Dark Horse accept all types of submissions – ongoing series, minis, shorts. Required to format script to certain specifications which can be located via the above link. Only accept postal submissions.

Future Quake Press:

Future Quake is an English comic of a similar type to 2000AD. They prefer short stories, usually with a twist at the end. They will pair writers with artists, which is a plus. They also accept email submissions.

Image Comics:

Image only accept creator owned material submissions which have a full team already assembled.


2000AD accept submissions for four page, sci-fi/fantasy/horror stories with a twist ending for their ‘Future Shocks’ section of 2000AD Magazine. They only accept submissions via mail – I submitted in March 2014 and still have not heard anything back (it is now May 2015).

Oni Press:

Accepting writing submissions from 1st May 2015 until 30th June 2015. Scroll about halfway down the page for what they are looking for in a writing submission.

Dark Oz:

Dark Oz is an Australian based company which publishes ‘Decay’, a horror comic. They accept submissions from writers via email. They are looking for short (between two and eight pages, though the shorter the better) horror stories.

Dark Oz are also desperately in need of artists. If you are an artist looking for exposure and something to put in your portfolio, I recommend you give Darren an email. It would be well worth the effort.

Dynamite Comics:

Dynamite Comics accept via an initial letter of inquiry detailing your writing experience and the reasons you would like to work for them.

Antarctic Press:

Antarctic Press require a one to four page synopsis/treatment plus a one page overview. They are not particularly interested in ongoing titles, and would prefer mini-series and shorts. Submissions can be made via mail or email.

Kodiak Comics:

A brand new company looking for all types of creators – but are in most need of artists. If you are interested, contact them via their Facebook page for further details.

Time Bomb Comics:

Time Bomb Comics are a UK publisher who accept submissions from writers. They want five page completed stories – no more. After this, they will consider further and/or longer submissions.

Viper Comics:

Viper Comics accept submissions from writers. They require a 3 – 5 page sample of a script you have worked on in PDF format, as well as a 55 – 60 word synopsis of the writing sample you are submitting. Submissions can be made via email.

WP Comics:!about1/c1u40

WP Comics are accepting submissions from writers. They are only accepting 22 page single issue submissions for publication. Submissions can be made by email and the website states they will notify the writer within 1 – 3 days if the script will be published (which is pretty awesome).

Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment are currently accepting submissions from writers and artists. They have provided an email address for writers and artists to submit portfolios and previously published work. No further details are provided.

Committed Comics:

Committed Comics are accepting five page shorts from writers. They must be self contained stories and not part of a larger work.


Accepting 22 page scripts. They will accept more than one script so that you can showcase your abilities. Markosia only accept submissions via email.

Black Mask Studios:
Black Mask Studios

Accepting writer submissions. You will be required to fill out a writing infosheet on their site detailing your publishing experience, what comic-related websites you use, and why you want to write for Black Mask Studios.

Self Made Hero:
Self Made Heroes Submissions

Send a synopsis and the script for your graphic novel to the email address provided.