Something Wicked 2017 – review

Something Wicked 2017 is now available on Comixolgy (link). For $1.99 it is definitely worth having a look at.

Review for those curious enough (link). I’ve reblogged it too so you can check out that post directly. Gotta thank Richard MC for the kind words – thank-you.


Review – Something Wicked 2017

Review of Something Wicked 2017

2000AD and Beyond!

Horror in comics is hard. You can’t use any of the tricks of films such as jump scares, music or overt misdirection and you don’t have the luxury of prose where you can subtly build atmosphere and really get into the heads of your characters. Well, unless it’s a massive manga such as the brilliant Uzumaki of course. That book has hundreds of pages though, the stories here average four or five.

I’ve had a go at writing horror comics myself and even have a published collection, well… “published” (don’t ask)  but I hope this doesn’t read like me thinking I could do anything better. This is purely my reactions as a reader and fan of the genre. I know how hard it is to do but I’ll still be honest if some didn’t work for me as well as others. This is horror though so more than most genres…

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On Hiatus

I’m going on a temporary comic book writing hiatus to focus on a novel WIP.

I’ll still write whatever I have agreed to do – no fear there. I just won’t be creating new comic book stuff for the time being.

TL:DR version – no updates for the foreseeable future.


Movie Set Experience

I was lucky enough to be able to watch a movie being filmed yesterday. The movie is ‘Flammable Children’ by writer/director Stephan Elliot (Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) starring Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon, and Rhanda Mitchell.

I was a fascinating day, to say the least. I’ve loved movies since I was a kid and had dreamed of making my own films, but it never came to be. I’ve since moved on to writing, which I have found to be a fulfilling outlet for my creativity. But, the love of all things movie related remained, so getting to see how it all worked behind the scenes was really a chance of a lifetime.

Due to my job, I was able to access most areas of the set and watch from very close proximity. The stars were all present and filming, the director was everyone, organising sets, moving cameras, talking to the actors, high fiving the children extras (who were all covered in whale blubber – best see the movie when it comes out for more details). And running – he was running here, there and everywhere!

I got to speak to the assistant director (though I didn’t realise who he was till later in the day) and a lot of the crew. They all obviously loved what they were doing and were working hard to get it done. It was a hot, sunny day, but there were no complaints, not even from the extras who spent most of the day in the swimmers under the hot sun, running to and fro.

My appreciation for the work that goes into this sort of production increased tenfold from the experience. Hopefully when they return in a few months for further shooting, I can wrangle another ‘work’ day on the set.

MillarWorld 2017 Talent Search

MillarWorld has launched its 2017 Talent Search competition, giving writers and artist a chance to be published (and paid at Marvel/DC rates). No catches, no gimmicks. You can check it out here:

CBR – MillarWorld Talent Search 2017

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make comics. Get out there, write and/or draw your ass off, and submit.

You won’t win if you don’t. You never know what might happen if you do…

Ghostbusters (2016)


No spoilers:

Wow. I went in with more hope than expectations and was totally blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Story line, characters, sfx, comedy – it was all there and it was all good. So many quotable quotes, so many enjoyable scenes. And Chris Hemsworth – he was worth the price of admission alone.

Ghostbuster (2016) respects what came before it, but it isn’t beholden to it. It is its own entity, and this certainly allows the movie to breathe and expression itself while still remaining loyal to the core concept.

Admittedly, it’s not ‘Citizen Kane.’ It’s not the original Ghostbusters either. But it is head and shoulders above Ghostbusters 2 (not that that’s too hard). There are some points in the movie where I was left thinking ‘that seemed a little disjointed’ or ‘where did they find time to do that?’ But, more often than not, I was left laughing a joke, giggling a subtle or over the top sight gag, or sniggering at a skillfully worked reference/homage to the original.

Would I pay to see it again at the cinema? Absolutely. Would I let my seven year old see it – probably not. There are quite a few scary scenes at the beginning which left me concerned for the young children who were in the cinema. A few nightmares may be coming their way over the next few nights!

Overall, I rate this a solid 7/10. Recommended for those who are in the mood for some good, silly fun!


Anthology – open submissions

Here are a couple of anthologies that currently have open submissions. Both required full art team attached:

Premier Comics:


Not Forgotten Anthology

Submission details (taken directly from their website):

Please include the following:

  • Names of those on the Creative Team and their roles.
  • Email address for each team member.
  • Public Domain Character being used with link (so we can verify they are in fact within the public domain)
  • Title (working titles are fine)
  • Page-count (1-10 page comics, please)
  • A pitch that is no longer than one page in length, 12pt Times New Roman font. Be sure to give us the beginning, middle and, end. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for anyone.
  • A signed release agreement that you can download here. 
  • While this is not required, you may also submit art samples along with your written pitch and link to an artist portfolio website. 
  • We also encourage you to tell us about yourself! Why are you interested in being in the anthology? Have you done other published work or is this your first possible projected? You don’t have to give us a brief bio, but we’ll read one.

Content Guidelines

  • In the spirit of the Golden-Age comics they come from, all stories must be G to PG-13.
  • Your submissions should be for a 1-10 page self contained stories. No “to be continued…” stories, please. The story, however, can end in a way that’s left open for future installations.
  • You may use any public domain character, create your own characters, mashup characters, reinvent characters, or any number of things.
  • You must include some form of color in your submission. Whether it’s a single color accenting a black and white comic, or a full color story, or something in-between! We’re fond of the old-school four-color style, but that’s just us.
  • Have fun! These are super heroes! We love daring adventures, skulking villains, and kirby-esque weirdness. Show us how you turn the genre on it’s ear! Leave your mark!

Both submissions look pretty interesting. Not sure if I’ll be submitting anything for either, but I think they both would be fun. There are further details on the Premier Comics tumblr page, so if you are looking for more info than has popped up in the above link, head there and check it out.