Time to get writing again

My writing output has severely dropped off lately, mainly because of **lame excuses**. I think it has been at least two weeks since I actually wrote even a single page. This is simply not good enough. I need to write, and I need to write EVERY DAY if I am going to improve.

Being a shift working and having two young children will make it hard, but excuses aren’t going to cut it. It is time to get serious, time to put my fingers on the keys and pump out a story, ten stories, whatever … as long as I am writing.

I was flicking through Facebook (another reason I don’t get done what I need to get done – but, unfortunately, a necessity for networking these days) when I came across the following post from Erik Larsen:

Erik’s post (which is linked here ):

My best advice to anybody who wants to break into comics is to produce comics. Just start cranking them out. Put them up online.

If you’re “just a writer” then write a handful of imaginary books, month after month. Create characters–or just pretend to write the fucking X-Men. Write full scripts. Post one every Monday. Get cranking. Get in motion.

If you’re an artist–improvise. But crank them out!

A big part of it is simply figuring out “can I do this?” So–try. Do you have that many great ideas? Show me. And by “show me” I mean “DON’T show ME.” I mean show yourself–prove it to yourself.

It doesn’t matter if anybody sees them. Post them in Facebook if you must. Post them elsewhere. Start a blog. It’s not even about getting seen–it’s about getting that rhythm. It’s an exercise to see if you can do it.

We all have to work through the bad shit to get to the good shit. There are kinks to be worked out and it won’t happen watching TV.

I wrote and drew almost 70 full comics, many as long as 100 pages, before anything saw print. When I broke in I was already a vet. It just helped.

Every comic I’ve ever done starts with me saying, “how the hell am I going to DO this? It’s impossible!” That feeling never goes away. You just have to do it.

With these inspiring words for a writer I have much respect for, I will try publish here an ongoing story. I will add four pages a week (not a great deal, but enough to get me started). It will be titled: The Incompetents. It’s an idea that has been floating around my brain for a while. The first four pages will go up later today. They next four will be published on Friday (18 September 2015), and then every Friday until the story is told. I have no real story plan for this yet, so I’m not locked into anything – I can let the story flow however it wants.

If I can work out how to do it, I’ll make a link on the front page of this blog to go directly to the story.

Even just writing this post has made me excited to get working …

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