Kickstarter: ‘MONSTERS!’

I will hopefully be (officially) announcing a comic book Kickstarter soon(ish) entitled ‘Monsters!’. The premises: classic movie monsters take over a town. Needless to say, mayhem ensues! The story will be packed with werewolves, vampires, frankensteins, and whatever other classic movie monsters I can work in.

The concept is planned to be a single issue of 22 pages. The synopsis is written, the issue is partially complete. Rewriting and editing will need to be completed, then a search for an artist can begin. I envision a cartoony style for the artwork, but I am flexible. The tone will be fun and exciting, with comedy and tension.

Pretty excited about having a try at a Kickstarter campaign. Before I kick the kickstarter off (see what I did there?), I have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of research to do. What makes a successful Kickstarter? Inventives? Costs involved? Promotion and marketing? Postage (international as I am based in Australia). So much to learn.

Keep an eye out here for more details. If you are an artist or just interested in becoming involved, feel free to contact me at . I’d love to hear from you!

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