Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens teaser trailer has been released:

Star Wars Episdoe VII The Force Awakens teaser trailer

Wow. I loved it. It looked and felt awesome. Particularly that shot of the X-Wings flying low over the lake. That was incredible.
A quick break down of the teaser. And that is all it is, a teaser. No plot or character details revealed, just images and situations. And a sense of urgency.

The teaser starts in the desert, presumably of Tattoonie. A male, John Bogoya, stands into shot. He is dressed as a storm trooper, but doesn’t have a helmet on. He is sweating and looks concerned about something. A round droid rolls across the screen in a different location. Next, Daisy Ridley jumps on a speeder transport of some description and motors off into the distance. The newly designed Storm Troopers are next, and it looks like they are about to drop from a troop transport into battle. Then we see Oscar Issac piloting an X-Wing, which cuts to three X-Wings flying low over a lake, kicking up water spray as they go. In the background, we can see mountains. Next is a forest, possibly with snow. A dark, cloaked figure walks through, then ignites a red lightsaber which has a red hilt. Then the Falcon is flying through blue sky, and two Tie Fighters fly into shot. Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes up and it’s over.

Some thoughts:
The sense of urgency comes through strong. The voice over, speaking about the force awakening, both dark side and light, is very dark and foreboding.

The red lightsaber with the hilt is concerning – I imagine any particularly wristy (is that even a word?) actions would run a very strong risk of lopping our own hand off at the wrist.

Pros: The effects look great. They do look different to Episodes I to III though – grittier, dirtier, more used. It really suited the little bits they have shown us. The new Storm Trooper design looks like a natural progression from Clone Trooper to original trilogy trooper, to the new trooper. The voiceover. Whoever it was that spoke it – rumours of Andy Serakis or Benedict Cumberbatch abound, but we really don’t know.

Cons: That hilt really looks a little silly. The droid was okay. Everything else was pretty awesome.

I really liked what I saw. It was energetic, and authentic to the Star Wars universe of the original trilogy. I’ve never rated a trailer before, let alone a teaser. But I’d be happy to give it 9/10.

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