Lunar Eclipse – Australia 8th October 2014

A total lunar eclipse will occur in Australia on the 8th October 2014, between the hours of 8:15pm and 11:35pm AEDT, an hour earlier in QLD.

A total lunar eclipse is where the Earth is between the Sun and moon and results in turning the moon from its usual bright white into what a lot of people call ‘blood red’. The eclipse commences at 8:15pm and will be in total eclipse about an hour later. It will be visible, weather permitting, all over Australia.

A lunar eclipse is where the moon moves into the penumbra, or the outer edge of the shadow cast by the Earth, and into the umbra, the darkest part of Earth’s shadow. While in the umbra, the reflection of the atmosphere of the Earth causes the moon to appear red.

Don’t quote me on this one though, I’m not totally sure whether it is right or not – but I seem to recall reading somewhere that in 2038 we will have six, yes, six lunar eclipses that year. So, if you really enjoy a lunar eclipse, 2038 is going to be your year to shine!

One thought on “Lunar Eclipse – Australia 8th October 2014

  1. Darth Stinty says:

    It appears the clouds have decided I will not be seeing the eclipse tonight. Damn you, Mother Nature!!


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