Star Wars: Rebels – Episode One ‘Spark of Rebellion’

Star Wars: Rebels has kicked off its premier season with a fantastic introductory episode. ‘Spark of Rebellion’ serves as an introduction to both the heroes and villains of the show, but focuses mostly on the heroes.

Rebels is set between Episdode III and IV, and does not (so far) involve any characters from either of those films, or from the Clone Wars, other than a very minor cameo from Obi Wan Kenobi. The story opens with the young so to be hero, Erza, witnessing a group of strangers raiding an Imperial supply convoy. Erza gets involved, initially for his own selfish purposes, but soon finds the hero inside himself. The strangers, a group of fledgling rebels led by Kanan, a jedi in hiding, and Erza become the target of the local Empire commander, Agent Kallus. Space highjinks ensue, the rebels led by Kanan rescue some Wookies who were off to the spice mines of Kessel, and Kanan takes Erza as his padawan.

The first episode was full of all the necessary ingredients to make a great show – great characters, awesome space battles, storm troopers, Tie fighters, jedi with lightsabers. Great writing, great characters, great action set pieces. The animation suits the tone of the show, which is lighter than the sequel trilogy and more in line with the tone of Episode IV – the space adventure is back!

If you enjoyed Episode IV, you’ll enjoy this.

Rating – 8.5 out of 10 lightsabers.

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