Game Review: Star Wars Commander

Star Wars: Commander is a Clash of Clans style game where the player builds and upgrades a base while collecting resources (in this case, alloy and credit) and defending/attacking other players. There are a number of single player missions to assist you along the way, but these are completed rather quickly, leaving you to fend for yourself early on.

After a few preliminary missions to establish your base, you are asked to either side with the Imperials or Rebels. I choose the Imperial, because, hey, Darth Vader is cool. The choice decides the type of units you can use, vehicles available, and art style of your base. The Imperial bases look pretty cool, all metal and darkness, while the Rebel bases I have attacked look more like desert colonies. Imperial troops in Storm Troopers, Dark Trooper (tanks for knocking out turrets), Scouts (for looting alloy and credit storage), Dewback mounted Storm Troopers (for knocking down walls) and repair droids. Vehicles include AT-ST, Speeder Bike, 2-M Hover Tank, AT-MP (new walker design), and AT-AT. There are also hero units – at a level four base level, I have only gained access to a Veteran AT-ST. These kick on serious ass, even if they are a little pricey to build.

AI in this game is a major let down. Troops seem to pick a predetermined path to their next target. If a single,unconnected piece of wall is on that path, the troops will stand and shoot the wall, even if getting blown away by a nearby turret or could easily walk around the wall segment. I have never struck this problem in Clash of Clans, and can make attacks very frustrating.

Overall, I did enjoy this game, AI issues aside. I have advanced my Command Centre to Level 4, and I am about to start upgrading it to level 5. I believe Level 5 may be the top level for upgrades at the moment, but I cannot confirm this. Finding information on this game on the internet is a little difficult, and the official website leaves a lot to be desired.

There are the usual offers to purchase crystals in this game, as there are with similar games. Crystals can be used to speed along upgrades, buy more worker droids for building, or exchanged for alloy and/or credits. I haven’t bought any crystals and really don’t intend to at the moment – I haven’t found the need.

This game rates a 7/10 – I enjoy Clash of Clans, so a Star Wars version of this was always going to be a winner with me. If the AI bugs and slow loading issues can be ironed out, this can be a great game!

One thought on “Game Review: Star Wars Commander

  1. Darth Stinty says:

    I have noticed that this review is gaining a lot of views over the last week or so. I’m guessing Star Wars: Commander has been released to the general public now.

    So, since my initial review, there has been an update to the game. Let’s go through some of the updates that occurred:

    1. Commander centre can now be upgraded to Level 6, giving you access to further buildings. Upgrades are starting to become quite expensive, so plan them out well. I usually find upgrading defenses (such as canons) to be the most effective initial upgrades. Then I upgrade either collectors (alloy or credits) or troop bases. Don’t forget to request troops of your recruitment centre from your clan mates, and don’t forget to donate to them as well.

    2. The load issues are still there. On my Samsung Galaxy tab, the loads are very slow. My Samsung Galaxy 3 phone is a bit better, though not a lot. This really needs to be ironed out, and soon. It will drive people away. It also seems to be the major way people are coming across this review – by searching Star Wars Commander load times.

    3. The AI is a little better. Troops don’t get stuck shooting out an individual piece of wall they could simply walk around, but it does happen. I have never seen this happen in Clash of Clans (the obvious comparison), or Clash of Lords, so it can be fixed completely.

    4. Chapter 7 of the single player story line has been added. I am three missions from the end, but every time I try it, I beat the mission, but I then lose connection and have to reload. When I do, I haven’t advanced to the next mission, but I have still lost all the troops I expended during the mission. This is very annoying and has happened about five times now.

    5. There was a new type of mission added (the name of which escapes me at the moment). Completing missions rewarded you with a special currency which allowed you to purchase individual special units, or, if you saved up 6000 of this currency, you could permanently unlock this troop type. I didn’t get there (due to demands from work and life), and this mission type is a ‘weekend only’ type. I simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to this game to earn those 6000. Hopefully it will be held again soon.

    The game is still enjoyable. The load time is the biggest issue that needs to be fixed, as I believe it will drive potential players from the game. My initial rating is still the same – 7/10. I enjoy the game, and play at least once a day, but, like before, there are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out completely.


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