My writing process – part two

I’ve found out two things about my personal writing process recently.

Firstly, when writing in comic book format, I find it a lot easier to write the entire outline and script by hand. The reason, I think, is that when I’m at the computer, I tend to get hung up on silly things like formatting correctly 100% of the time. This tends to slow down my writing and break up the flow of my thoughts from mind to page. Hand writing seems to ease this problem for me. I don’t mind if the formatting isn’t perfect because I know that I can fix any problems when I transfer the story to the computer. It also allows me an easy revision process, so the typing essentially does two jobs in one hit.

In relation to the writing by hand, the idea for this came from Australian author Ryan K Lindsay. It’s been a great change for me and has really assisted me and actually getting some writing done. Ryan has a great blog called ‘Without Fear’. I definitely recommend you take a look.

Secondly, writing short stories by hand does not work. I can’t gather my thoughts, I have trouble reviewing while writing for story/plot/character consistency, and the story tends to burn out quicker than it should.

So, two different mediums of story telling, and two different ways I find it easier to write.

UPDATE: I haven’t heard anything from my 2000 AD submission as yet. I am working towards finishing my first issue of (tentatively titled) ‘Heaven’s Yesterday’ comic book. I have been trying to compose a short story for submission to TOR publishing, but this is on the back burner while I finish other things first.

I do have something in the works with Flux Fiction with a short story expected to be published in 2015. I’m really excited about this as it will be my first published work. I looks like a great publication for new authors. If you’re interested in having a look, go to and have a look.

My laptop is giving me a hard time at the moment – the pointer is jumping all over the place while I’m typing and I don’t always realise, so if some sentences seem to end earlier and continue elsewhere, I apologise. Hopefully I’ll pick them up when they happen, but I don’t always notice.

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