Disney’s Ongoing Star Wars Plans

Busy day for Star Wars news!

Firstly, J.J. Abrams posts a video in relation to a charity (Unicef, I think). But the thing that appears to have caught the eyes of most people is the puppet … yes, you heard right, a puppet …. character that wanders into the video. J.J. appears to be using this video not only to make an appeal on behalf of the charity he is supporting, but also to show the world that CGI will not be relied upon as heavily as it was in the prequels.

I think it is a good move on J.J.s part – he can distance himself from the prequel trilogy which, it seems, a lot of people dislike. I most be honest, I love all the Star Wars movies. Naturally I enjoy some more than others. But there seems to be a real undercurrent of dislike for the prequels. So, distancing himself from them may help bring some of the more disgruntled fans back to the franchise. It also gives a stronger connection to the original trilogy, which relied heavily on puppets and animatronics. 

The other news of the day is that Disney have announced the creative team that will bring us the first Star Wars stand alone movie, due to hit cinemas on 16 December 2016. Director Gareth Edwards (of the most recent Godzilla fame, plus the under seen Monsters) and screenwriter Gary Whitta have been pegged to bring us our first taste of non-episodic (is that even a word?) Star Wars on the big screen. No information was provided of who or what the film will be about was released.

Most seem to think that it will be a Boba Fett movie. I think it will be too. I just hope Fett is a big enough name to draw the crowds and keep Disney making further stand alone installments. What I’d love to see on the big screen at some point would be an Old Republic/Sith Empire era movie – the image of hundreds of Jedi charging into battle against a massive army of Sith warrior would be awesome to behold!!

Stay tuned for further information as it comes to hand.

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